The California Education for a Global Economy Initiative advances California’s goals:

  • Highest quality education for all children
  • Access to high-quality, innovative, research-based programs
  • Better prepare students for college and careers in the global economy
  • Gives more control to school districts over educational curriculum
  • Empowers parents, teachers, and local schools to meet the needs of students

Initiative Summary

  • Establishes the California Education for a Global Economy Initiative
  • Re-affirms English proficiency standards and promotes English as the official language in California
  • Allows school districts and county offices of education, in consultation with language experts in the field and parents, to determine the best language instruction methods and language acquisition programs to implement
  • Enables school districts and local schools to better meet the demand for programs to prepare students with multilingual and international skills they need to compete in the global marketplace
  • Provides all parents with the choice to have their children educated to high standards in English and one or more additional languages; and encourages local schools to provide opportunities for native English speaking pupils to be instructed in another language
  • Removes obstacles and barriers to full and effective implementation of dual language programs
  • Recognizes the importance of multilingual skills in the workplace at that California employers across all sectors are actively recruiting multilingual employees
  • Further recognizes that multilingual skills are necessary for our country’s national security and essential to conducting diplomacy and international programs